My Number Book-10 Black Dots

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Number book 1

My Number Book- 10 Black Dots

One of my favorite books to review numbers at the beginning of the year is 10 Black Dots by Donald Crews. My students love to use their imagination to create pictures with black dots.  I order black dot labels from Amazon or Office Depot.

black dots

As a first grade teacher, I would use this Number Book as a review, but this would be a great resource to use in Pre-K or Kindergarten as students are learning about numbers. My grade level and I were looking for a way to review numbers, number words, and number representations. I made this into a book for each student to complete in class as a follow up to the daily lesson. We used this book as a project/minor grade in Math. In this packet, you will find a page with each number from 1-10 in different representations such as tally marks, dice, dominoes, and ten-frames.

Number book 2

The students then infuse Art into Math when dots are used to create pictures on the following page to represent the number.

Number book 3





You will also find a page that you can use to quickly assess your students progress at the end of the packet.

Number book 11

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