Poetry Journal Labels

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My students love their poetry journals!  Each student in my class has a regular 3-prong folder in a designated color.  We don’t ask for these on our supply list, so I just watch the sales to see when I can get them cheap! I don’t like the 3-prong plastic folders because they are extremely hard for my first graders to open by themselves.  (I even have trouble.) I use these labels so when I tell my students to take out their poetry journal with the crayons, it helps them distinguish between all of the other folders. Every time I introduce a new poem, we add the poem to their poetry journal sometime during the week.  The copy of the poem that I give them has no pictures, so that my students can  illustrate the poem with their own meaning and creativity.  We use highlighters to find our word wall words.  Their poetry journal stays in their book browsing box to read when all of their other work is finished.  This also makes a great literacy center activity or independent learning activity!   Use Avery template 8163 or Office Max OM99062 White Shipping Labels.

 Labels- Poetry Journal


Label Mania!

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I LOVE LABELS!  Are you as crazy for them as I am?  Ok, I will admit that I am a little OCD when it comes to my students’ folders.  I like for all of their folders to be the same color with the same labels and their names all in the same place.  It just makes it easier for my first graders to transition from each activity, which in turn makes my job easier!  If you look under the Resources tab above, I have added a new page called Classroom Labels.  These are the labels that I use in my classrooom.  I would love to hear about what you label in your classroom, so please comment and share what works for you!  Check back often, as I will always find more things to label!  (I know, it is an addiction!)