Happy Birthday To You!

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This SMART Notebook activity is a great way to help your students learn their birthdays.  I use this notebook in my All About Me unit that I teach during the first couple of weeks of school.  This Notebook could be easily adapted for use in your early childhood classroom.  It includes a birthday chant, a birthday graph, making patterns with balloons, age graph, counting and matching numbers, and a writing prompt.


Never Miss a Student’s Birthday

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Kids love their birthdays, just like we do!  I like to make sure that my students have a little something to make their day even more special.  At the beginning of each year I would make sure to have enough hats and stickers for each child, but I wanted to be a little more creative.  A few years ago, I decided to make each of my students a treat bag to give to them on their birthday!  If their birthday fell on a weekend, I would give them the bag on Friday. For my summer birthdays, I would give them the bag during the last week of school.  Each bag had a box of crayons, a pack of gummy snacks, a birthday pencil, and a couple of small trinkets.  I got a big bucket, added some curly ribbon, and used my Cricut to cut vinyl letters to make “Happy Birthday.”  Before school starts, I make enough bags for every student in my class.  In the bucket I keep the birthday bags, hats, and cards.  I also have a cute and cuddly Happy Birthday Teddy Bear that sits with the birthday boy or girl for the day!  So I am never surprised when a child enters with a big grin and says, “It’s my birthday today!”

How do you celebrate your students’ birthdays in your classroom?  I would love to hear your ideas!