Rock Star Behavior Clip Chart

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Rockstar clipchart

This behavior clip chart with a Rock Star theme is a great way to modify and encourage positive behavior in your classroom!

This chart is designed differently than other clip charts. It is designed to be printed as a banner on vinyl at your local print shop. Simply save the PDF and take or send to your print shop of choice. This banner saves you time in printing, cutting, and assembling! Because clothes pins tend to be a little heavy, vinyl will be more durable and last longer than paper. It measures 12 x 50 inches when printed. We recommend adding grommets to the top and bottom corners for stability.

We designed this banner as part of a school-wide discipline plan and it has produced excellent results. We also included our parent letter explaining the system. You can use ours to make your own to fit your needs and grading system.

The chart is set up as follows:
You’re A Rock Star!
Can I have your autograph?
A Star Performance
Ready to Rock (everyone starts here each day)
Sound Check
Singin’ the Blues
Contact Management

Clip Art by Scrappin Doodles
Fonts by Graphics From the Pond.

Rock Star Behavior Clip Chart