Literacy Centers

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Recently I’ve had a few people interested in how I manage my reading group rotation and literacy centers.  This is the chart that I use in my classroom.  I got the idea from a teacher at our school (Cindy) and I love it!  I have used it for 2 years, and it is the best that I have tried.  I’m going to try to explain it the best that I can.  If you have any questions just let me know. 

When I am doing my reading groups, I have the class divided into 3 groups of 6 or 7 students each.  The wheel shows the 3 groups and how they rotate.  I have one group of 6 at their seats doing independent practice activities.  I have another group of 6 students with me at the reading group table.  The remaining 6 students are at a literacy center.  I only have one student in a center to cut down on noise and play.  Some teachers like to have a pair in a center, so you could have only 3 centers.  The blue pocket chart shows my 6 centers: 

1.  Computer
2.  Computer
3.  Listening/Writing Center
4.  SMARTBoard
5. Word Study/Spelling
6. Class Library
These centers are represented by the pictures on the left of the pocket chart.  Next to the pictures I have my 3 groups-blue, green, yellow- I only move the picture cards 1 time at the beginning of the reading group time.  Whatever picture that is in front of their name is where they go that day.  Each student only visits one center a day.   It is a little confusing at first, but the students catch on very quickly and after awhile, we don’t even have to turn the wheel. 
I always start with yellow group in reading group, then yellow goes to seatwork, then they go to centers.
Green group starts in centers, then comes to me for reading group, then goes to seatwork.
Blue group starts in seatwork, then goes to centers, then comes to see me last.
I really hope this makes sense!  Let me know if it doesn’t and I will try again! 🙂


  • Anonymous

    I love this idea but I have a question. Does this idea work with a class with 32 students?

  • doggiedayz

    Love this idea! Only question is this: You have 6 center stations set up so that each student can go to a different station each day. BUT….there are only 5 days in a week. So does each student miss a center then?