Back-to-School Hershey Wrapper

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 Are you looking for a little something to give to your students on Move-In Day or the First Day of School?  This Hershey Wrapper is an easy way to turn a simple treat into a personal gift!  Instead of the traditional sucker, I wanted to give my students something they could keep after the treat was gone. After attending a baby shower where I saw the He/She Hershey Wrappers, I decided to make one for my students.  I tried to find one that I liked, but couldn’t find one that used minimal ink in printing.  I made this one, and it was a hit with my students and their parents.

Kindergarten Hershey Wrapper Teacher Hershey Wrapper

There is a Hershey Wrapper for Preschool through Fifth grade. You will also find a back-to-school wrapper that can be used for a student to give to a teacher. Have fun making your students a fun back-to-school treat that they will remember!


  • jkn

    This is so cute!! Thanks for sharing AND making it so easy to use!

  • Kristi

    Mylie absolutely loved this!

  • Kzimlich

    Thanks so much for the idea, i’ll be using it for my Meet the Teacher day!